My First Week with Twitter

twitter.pngSo after all the hype and hub-bub from the TWiT Geeks, I finally decided to check out Twitter. I mean, seems like half the world must be on it based from all the hyperbole.

Well, yeh, everyone is, if your world is somewhere around 950,000 folks.

I signed up Monday. Sign-up is quick and easy. What’s not so easy is figuring out exactly what happens next. All you see is a web form that asks you what you’re doing, and only gives you 140 characters to do so. Hmm. Okay.

So, I started adding friends. Started with Leo Laporte. He’s the only person I know for sure is on Twitter, although he doesn’t know me from Adam. Then, I looked at who his friends are, and I recognized some names. Still, none of these people know me, but that’s okay.

I posted a few things. Nothing exciting. Then I get an email. Somebody is following me… On Twitter? Yes, on Twitter! Then another email. Than another…

Now, after my first workweek, I am following about 30, and being followed by about 20.

On top of that I was on Steve Gillmour’s NewsGang podcast on Thursday. A brush with fame? Hardly. But it was fun.

Okay, I think the hype is more than the reality. Twitter is a blast. It really is. But is it all that? You can make a few friends, and there’s some interesting dialog… But color me skeptical.

I’ll keep using it and see what comes of it.

Come check me out at


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